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Protect your jewelry by removing it when washing your hands, exercising, swimming, cleaning and before applying any kind of personal body products. Avoid contact with agents such as soaps, makeup, perfume, lotion, hair & cleaning products. Always wear your rubber or metal safety backs with your earrings to prevent loss.  Wash your Tresino Jewelry with water, rinse well and dry completely with a soft cloth. Using jewelry dips or polishes is not recommended as they may contain harsh abrasives and damage the resin and metal finish. 

All pieces are handmade, meaning there may be slight variations from the image to your piece. Know that these variations are a sign of the love and evidence from our hands to your home. 


Tresino uses high quality jeweler's resin. Your resin will be 100% cured before shipping. Resin is not as durable as stone or glass. If you happen to bump the resin or knock it on something sharp, it is possible it may leave a scratch or indent.To fix this, put your piece in hot water (almost boiling) with a bit of dish soap. Leave in for a minute or two. When you take it out, use a very soft rag or paper towel and rub the resin smooth- reapplying hot water when necessary. Run under cold water  to set the surface. Repeat above steps if scratch persists. 

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