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Hi! We're Kelly and Maz, the wife and husband team behind Tresino.


Founded in 2019, we created Tresino after being inspired by our travels worldwide so that we could capture and share the beauty of different cultures and countries. 


We are based in and create all our handmade pieces right at home in the Berkshires, Massachusetts. Each beautiful design is unique using special colors and locally sourced fresh flowers. Since each piece is individually designed by hand, it will never be replicated.  Some pieces may feature hallmarks of being handmade: microbubbles, trimmed edges where resin excess has been removed, and some larger pieces will not have a completely flat surface. 

Our colorful jewelry will add flair to any outfit and home decor pieces will add style to any space.

Our values reflect

Women’s issues
Mental health 
Equality for all


Whether it be for you or a loved one, we hope you enjoy your new piece of art!


“Beautiful unique works of art! If you like color you will be amazed at what they do with it and how beautiful it truly is.”

“Awesome, beautiful, handcrafted pieces that people can afford!  Love this site!”

"OK - your work is seriously amazing.  So beautiful!"

"Love my purchases!  Each piece grabs your attention and is colorfully fantastic!"

"Lightweight and comfortable!  Wish I bought more."

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